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For consumers, we offer a simple product certification to help them differentiate from the majority of false claims made on women’s health products, so as to easily identify safe, effective products that promote vaginal microbiome stability. Look for the seal on product packaging.

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The health of the vaginal biome is, similar to the gut biome, a significant determinant of women’s behavioral, emotional, and physical health. Our research and education efforts focus on 3 keys to restore and maintain vaginal microbiome health and stability:  



An under-recognized promoter of BV is the use of personal products that are no iso-osmolar to the vagina. Normal vaginal osmolality is at 290mm; using products that have the same osmolality protects vaginal skin from damage and inflammation.



Vaginal acidity is important for the maintenance of vaginal health. Vaginal acidity is thought to be produced by the anaerobic metabolism of glycogen to lactic acid. The contribution of vaginal acidity to reproductive health is becoming increasingly understood. The role of lactobacilli in the acidification of the vagina suggests that whenever possible, the normal vaginal microbiota should be maintained during the course of clinical treatment for STI and other disorders.

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Lactobacilli produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and bacteriocins which suppress harmful bacterial overgrowth. A healthy lactobacilli balance in the vagina serves as the first line of defense against BV and dysbiosis. Lactobacilli also metabolize vaginal glycogen to produce lactic acid and keep vaginal pH in the healthy acidic range between 3.8-4.5.

Identifying and understanding the many conditions that women may experience with their vaginal health is the first step to finding solutions for increased wellness.

Click on a condition below for more background to learn how these many life stages and health conditions may impact overall vaginal health:

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