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Only 4% of all healthcare research and development is targeted specifically at women’s health issues.

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Applying the last twenty years of gut microbiome research and the resulting billion dollar pivot to probiotic therapies to the vaginal microbiome makes sense.


And yet, the complex vaginal microbiome has yet to benefit from the substantial body of research that has been done on most other parts of the body.

Clinical Studies

Through clinical studies, Vaginal Biome Science is actively investigating the impact of a healthy vaginal microbiome on overall health and wellness, sexual satisfaction, and disease prevention and treatment outcomes. In parallel, we are developing new approaches to both diagnostics and therapeutics to support the restoration and maintenance of vaginal microbiome health.

Prevention of Bacterial Vaginosis

Multiple studies are examining the effects of a patented Bio-Match® product protocol on the restoration of the vaginal microbiome and its impact on recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV). Initial results to be presented at the ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, May 2022, showed promising results of preventing recurrence of BV over the study duration.

Investigation of Vaginal Microbiome Health during Oncology Diagnosis and Treatment

Examining the health of the vaginal microbiome at diagnosis and after pelvic radiation treatment of specific urogynecologic and gastrointestinal cancers.  

Prevention of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Examining the relationship between the health of the vaginal microbiome and its impact on recurrent UTIs. Does improving and maintaining a healthy vaginal microbiome reduce the number of UTIs and is there a correlation between episodes of BV and UTI?  

Reduce Inflammation and Discharge Associated with Pessary Use

Examining how the use of a patented Bio-Match® product protocol improves symptoms of increased discharge, unusual odor, and inflammation in a group of women who use pessaries to support pelvic integrity. 

Investigation of Vaginal Inflammation and Microbiome Health on Sexual Arousal 

Examining how re-establishing a healthy vaginal microbiome over time impacts and potentially improves sexual arousal. The research delineates the dynamic between vaginal inflammation and vaginal microbiome health, and investigates how this relationship impacts a woman’s ability to become aroused.

Establishing a Healthy Neovaginal Microbiome in Transgender Women 

Providing baseline data on the microbiome state of neovaginas post surgery and examining whether it is possible to establish a neovaginal microbiome similar to a healthy cis vaginal microbiome, improving long-term outcomes for this population.  

Pre-Conception Vaginal care 

Examining whether the improvement of vaginal microbiome health can help couples become pregnant at home as well as increase the success of fertility treatment.   

Learn more about how your clinic can collaborate with VBS in our ongoing Clinical Study program.  

Expanding Patent Portfolio

VBS is actively developing a robust IP strategy with broad and extensive reach into women’s health issues, focused on how effective vaginal biome health treatments impact many common diseases states.

Our IP Portfolio strategy addresses: 

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Narrow product specific product protections

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Broad methods of use, systems and kits directed toward treatment of disease states

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Comprehensive approaches for non-acute treatment solutions covering a woman’s reproductive life stages. 

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