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Despite the estimated $500 billion in annual medical expenses directed toward women's care in the United States, awareness and education of vaginal microbiome health for both medical professionals and consumers is severely lagging. There has been little advancement in standard of care treatments for many of the most common women’s reproductive health issues in decades. We believe many answers to these problems will be uncovered and solved through a deeper understanding of vaginal microbiome health.  

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As an integral part of our mission, we focus on education by providing resources for medical professionals to find the most up-to-date research being conducted on the vast science of vaginal microbiome health. We are equally proud to share articles and Vaginal Biome focused seminars steeped in the decades of clinical and research experience of our distinguished Scientific Advisory board.

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Vaginal Biome Science is proud to support the Sexual Health & Wellness Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women's sexual health. We provide scientifically advanced Bio-Match vaginal care samples to healthcare providers through our flagship sampling program. To learn more or sign up for samples for your clinic click here.  


UN Global Consultation On Personal Lubricants

Reviews evidence of epithelial damage and consequent instances of BV resulting from the use of higher osmolality personal lubricants during intercourse. 

WHO Advisory Note

Health and safety guidelines for organizations sourcing lubricants for mass distribution.

Research at Johns Hopkins University

Reports that iso-osmolar lubricants, such as agar-based Good Clean Love, did not damage cervical tissue samples or boost sexually transmitted infection rates.

See our FAQ for the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question please contact us.  

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