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Studies on the Vaginal Microbiome

Is there a protective role for vaginal flora?

Jack D. Sobel. Current Infectious Disease Reports (1999)

An early review of the vaginal microbiome by a leader in vaginal dysbiosis clinical research describing the beneficial effects of a lactobacilli-dominant vaginal microbiome.

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A New Era of the Vaginal Microbiome: Advances Using Next Generation Sequencing

Jennifer M. Fettweis, Myrna G. Serrano, Philippe H. Girerd, Kimberly K. Jefferson, and Gregory A. Buck. Chemistry and Biodiversity (2012)

A newer molecular biology tool called next-generation sequencing has led to giant steps forward in our understanding of the vaginal microbiome compared with what old microbiological culture techniques allowed.

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Analysis of the Vaginal Microbiome by Next-Generation Sequencing and Evaluation of its Performance as a Clinical Diagnostic Tool in Vaginitis

Ki Ho Hong, Sung Kuk Hong, Sung Im Cho, Eunkyung Ra, Kyung Hee Han, Soon Beom Kang, Eui-Chong Kim, Sung Sup Park, and Moon-Woo Seong. Annals of Laboratory Medicine (2016)

Next-generation sequencing may become a useful clinical tool for diagnosing vaginal conditions, but it is not ready for prime time as of the date of publication.

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Vaginal Microbiome in Women from Greenland Assessed by Microscopy and Quantitative PCR

Raluca Datcu, Dionne Gesink, Gert Mulvad, et al. BMC Infectious Diseases (2013).

Bacterial vaginosis is highly prevalent in Greenland: 45% of women tested had BV as assessed by Nugent score, which correlated well with PCR testing.

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Pathogenesis of abnormal vaginal bacterial flora

Gilbert G. G. Donders, Eugene Bosmans, Alfons Dekeersmaecker, Annie Vereecken, Ben Van Bulck, and Bernard Spitz. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2000)

A primary research article revealing a relationship between dysbiosis and inflammation as determined by wet mount microscopy and immune system activation as assessed by levels of cytokines IL-1beta, IL-8, leukemia inhibitory factor, and IL-1 receptor antagonist.

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Vaginal Microbiota

Werner Mendling. Microbiota of the Human Body (2016)

This book chapter summarizes current understanding of the composition of healthy and unhealthy (bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis) vaginal microbiomes, and discusses the role of lactobacillus probiotics in restoring health.

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