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Osel Study Proves L.crispatus as an Effective Treatment for Recurrent BV

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

According to a recent study conducted by Osel, L. crispatus probiotic strains have been proven as an effective treatment for symptoms of recurrent bacterial vaginosis. The study states “Antibiotics inhibit or kill the bacteria that cause these infections, but they do not prevent recurrence of infection since they do not restore protective lactobacillus.” Another key finding of the study detected L. crispatus in 79% of the women treated with the L. crispatus-containing topical after the 12-week period, indicating establishment of lactobacilli in the vaginal environment. At the end of the 12-week study, BV recurrence was significantly less in treated women compared to the placebo group.

Used as probiotic therapy or following standard care of treatment, BiopHresh® Vaginal Homepathic Suppository is designed to reintroduce healthy lactobacilli, and should be considered as part of routine vaginal care maintenance and prevention of vaginal infections. L. crispatus is an innovative treatment for symptoms of recurrent bacterial vaginosis. *Good Clean Love's BiopHresh® Vaginal Homepathic Suppository contains: L. crispatus LCR01, L. salivarius CRL1328, L. rhamnosus LR06, L. acidophilus LA02, L. plantarum LP01, L. gasseri LGS06, and L. fermentum LF08. Lactobacilli has proven to play a key role in vaginal immunity and maintaining the health of the vaginal biome. Click here to learn more.

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